Natural Vericose Vein Treatments:

There are different methods and treatment plans for getting rid of varicose vein but you should look for natural varicose veins treatment. If you search a little then, you will come across many natural treatment methods for this problem that you can adopt. The herb horse chestnut can provide you good energy against varicose veins. This herb contains a natural chemical known as aescin and this increases the strength of vein’s walls and prevents all the leaking. A study was conducted in which 22 people were given horse chestnut and the results were very healthy as more than 60 percent people decreased vein leakage. If you want to take horse chestnut to cure varicose veins then, you need to take 2-4 500 Mg capsules daily but proper consultation with a herb specialist is always necessary and helpful.


Antioxidants also help prevent varicose veins and you can use them as a source to prevent leaking and strengthen your vein’s walls. Antioxidants carry bioflavonoids and these are very healthy to stop leaking of veins and to strengthen the inner walls of veins. Colorful fruits and vegetables are very effective antioxidants and you should make them daily part of your diet if you have varicose veins problem. Acupuncture also helps you in varicose veins problem. Pineapple is found to be effective against varicose veins and it contains a chemical that helps you during this problem. Onions, apples, and black tea also contain a natural chemical known as quercetin and this is an anti-inflammatory agent. It also comes separate in a capsule and you can take it daily because it is multi effective. There is another very simple way of decreasing the problem of varicose veins and that is to put your feet in air for about 10 minutes every day. This is important because in major causes of this diseases come too much sitting. When you keep your feet in air then, it relaxes all your muscles and makes the blood flow more proper and easier. This does not require any special posture or machine because you can just sit back on your hair and put your feet on table.

Another method is to wear compression stockings or an anti-embolism hose. Make sure that these are not too tight for you because they should give you a feeling of comfort and if they will be too tight then, they will do more harm. All of the above mentioned treatment methods are natural and they carry absolutely no side effect for you. Despite of having no side effects, you should still consult your doctor in the first place because they will know that nature of your problem better than you and will diagnose the problem in its real state. These are just ordinary habits of eating that you can always adopt and they will only help you and will never give you any kind of harm. Apply this natural varicose treatment and get rid of this problem as soon as possible without any side effect.

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