Women Can Gain Muscle Too

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When the average person thinks about the types of people who typically set out to gain muscle, they will picture a man. The idea of muscle building just tends to conjure this image for people because that’s the way most of us have learned to think about it. So in turn, for the most part, people tend to associate the muscle building equipment at the gyms with men as well. Most people simply don’t think of women using weight machines or lifting barbells.

Instead of trying to gain muscle, it’s usually assumed that women only go to the gym to help them with the task of losing weight. They are therefore most often associated with the cardio equipment. These are things like the treadmills and the stationary bicycles, not the things that involve heavy lifting. More than imagining things to be that way though, after visiting most any gym that’s the way things actually are quite a lot of the time.

The fact is though, muscle building exercises shouldn’t be thought of as solely a man’s domain. The types of workouts that are designed around weight machines and general weight lifting should be performed by women as well as men. Perhaps due to stereotypes that have been accepted over time, or perhaps for other reasons altogether, this simply isn’t the case. Many women end up shying away from workouts geared towards helping them gain muscle.

This doesn’t mean that women necessarily need to gain muscle to the extent that they’ll start looking like estrogen filled versions of Mr. Universe. It just means that exercise for them should involve a lot more than simply losing weight, or maintaining a trim figure. They also need to strengthen their bodies and also shape them the way they want through muscle building exercises.

The biggest benefit of women working out to create greater muscle mass is that it can actually help reduce body fat in the immediate as well as the long run. By having extra muscle on the body, the body’s metabolism changes, and for every pound of muscle that’s added to the body, around forty extra calories can be burned off in a day. It’s almost like those calories shed away through magic, and after a little while those numbers add up.

Another key positive result from gaining muscle is that the body as a whole becomes stronger. Now, the obvious interpretation of this is that women with extra muscle will have more practical strength, and that’s true. More than that though, their bodies are also stronger in terms of being resistant to injury. This is because of the strengthened tissue and joints.

Above all of these reasons though, there are two benefits that women get after some muscle gain. The first is that they will look better and have an improved self body image. The perks that go along with that are plentiful. The other all important benefit goes beyond appearance. Women will also feel better after putting on some muscle.

So next time you go to the gym, don’t be afraid of the weight machines just because you aren’t one of the burly men. Remember that those are there for women as well.

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